Monday, November 3, 2008

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - SCOOP

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Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
Etiquette says that spoons can be used as scoops, but not scoops used as spoons! (who knew:)) There are many types of scoops and each has a proper use. Here's a few that come to mind:
Diner Scoop
Cheese Scoop (check this out for a wonderful cheese scoop! Don’t get lost on replacements’s web site, and come back and finish this week’s newsletter!
Ice Scoop
Gravy Scoop or Ladle (click here for a little etiquette on to pour or to ladle!)
Marrow Scoop (eeeeeewwwww!)
Nut Scoop
Bon Bon Scoop (yes, there really IS such a thing!)
Tea Scoop
Pelican Scoop (oops, sorry, that’s a small boat!)

It all comes down to the manners for the specific scoop and there are many different scoops out there! Check out this book for a fun, winter weekend read! You’ll want to own the book, and give it as a hostess gift (oops! Bad manners to give a book on manners as a hostess gift!) or holiday gift!

And enjoy!

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)

Beige. Blah…..Pink? Pretty! So many colors come to mind as do the words to match those colors. This post is all about scoops. The “scoop” these days is a candy buffet. They are not reserved for weddings. (And the scoops you can use could be clear, wooden, plastic, unique….let your mind wander.)

Your guests will love a cocktail glass filled with colorful candy. Image for a moment: you are hosting a “pink” party. Your guests are frantically buying up all the pink clothing in town. The gentlemen will be wearing pink ties, and your lady guests will be decked in boa’s to put the roaring 20’s to shame. Add pink (or any color for that matter) to your table with candy. You can click here to get to The Candy Warehouse for all the selections you could possibly dream of….well…even MORE than you can dream of!

If you are having a candy buffet, in addition to filling a few cocktail glasses, be sure to pick the right “scoop” for the candy. A small plastic shovel for beach theme, a measuring ladle for a culinary night, and on and on. Check out the Wedding Bells section below for the link to the Scoops Source, including bags and other fun things your guests will need to take the extra candy home!

Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
Adding fun and color to your wedding is as easy as, say, CANDY! Candy buffets are fast becoming the staple item in weddings. You can click here for information on the scoops that you can get for that tower of candy, or that colorful bowl of confectionaries. No doubt, the most popular table will be the Candy Buffet. ‘Might just as well make the scoops fun too!

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