Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wood Land Fairy Acres' generous help on our Kickstarter Project

I want to send a "virtual bouquet" as a thank you to Deanne at Wood Land Fairy Acres for her generous support. You can read the post on Kickstarter.com here. Deanne contacted Fancy That and offered a 10% discount on their awesome floral scone mixes to the backers of our project at Kickstarter.com. I am thrilled to accept the offer. By all means, you should check out the web site for Wood Land Fairy Acres here and browse around. You will be hard-pressed to close the browser without purchasing one or many scone mixes. Coming from me who has tried the floral mixes, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks Deanne. Thanks Wood Land Fairy Acres!

Back our Project on Kickstarter and receive awesome rewards! And thanks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue Too (it doesn't always have to be pink! - bite your tongue!)

Yes, you can have a blue-themed party, as well as a pink party! And yes, you have a cheery table with the color blue!

The cobalt blue flutes are the newest offering from Fancy That! Regardless of your color theme, the timeless elegance of the blue flute is known across all cultures and all times!
As Sarah, proprietress of Fancy That! says when confronted with "it doesn't always have to be pink" she exclaims - "bite your tongue!"