Monday, October 27, 2008

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - This week - PUNCH!

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The Flying Saucer
(What’s new at Fancy That!)
Can you believe the Holiday Season is right around the corner? There is no reason to be blue about it… instead, serve pink punch! ok, by now you may have realized that I have a soft spot for all things pink, but the truth is, no matter what color or flavor the punch, it’s going to look fabulous in our new 2-gallon apothecary-style decanter. And while we’re on the subject of pink punch, check out this recipe for pink petal punch with rose petals.

Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
I want to take a moment and talk about the Punch Table. Many times the hostess will have a tale just for the punch bowl (or decanter) and cups or glasses. It is an elegant way to display your new punch set, and to draw your guests to another location that will almost certainly spark conversation. But, don't leave the table sitting bare with JUST the punch decanter and glasses. Simply – decorate it! How many times have you waltzed into an elegant dinner party and over there, alone, in the corner, is the most beautiful punch bowl and cups that you have ever seen. You walk over, sadly, wanting to whisper to the punch bowl, “it’s O.K. people will notice you as soon as they are thirsty!”

Let’s face it! The punch bowl is the one thing that is most ignored. Your guests aren’t sure what you have put in the bowl to make that yellow color, or the light pink color, and they simply are not wanting to take a test. Make it easy for them! “Announce” your recipe on a cute little card. Make sure your guests can see the card. Elevate it and place it separate from the punchbowl…not hidden underneath. Be certain to “adorn” your punch table. Use beautiful greens, a spray of flowers, little nose gays placed on the corners of the table, or three or four large bowls of crunch croutons! Make the table announce itself and your punch will be a HIT!

The Butler

(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
Planning for a Dinner party can be overwhelming. Trust me! I know. When you have such great sites as this one to provide you with over 400 recipes for punch alone, your eyes may glaze over and before you know it, it’s pizza delivered 10 minutes after your guests arrive.

Planning for Punch is easy when just a few simple steps are followed. Luckily, here is a link
to outline those steps. Once you have a punch idea, you will be surprised how easy planning the remainder of the meal can be. Just remember the one rule you cannot ignore: Sample the punch before the guests arrive. And enjoy!

Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
By now, you have come to the realization that there is a punch for every occasion. Of course you are NOT SURPRISED that there is specific recipes for Wedding Punch, right? Oh My!

Let me tell you how surprised I was that there are expectations for Wedding Punch. Fear Not! Lulu Marie’s World Famous Wedding Punch is available for you to ORDER. Yes, ORDER! You hand the mix to the caterer and say, MIX IT UP! Add some pineapple pieces and you are all set!

Another fun recipe to have your wedding guests talking about your Wedding Punch for years, is this fun Tart and Bubbly Recipe. When planning for your special day, don’t forget to include the all-important Wedding Punch!

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