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A Cup of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Place Card Holders and Toasts!

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Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
Let’s talk about Place Card Holders. You have gone out and bought 150 holders for your wedding, or rented 20 for your garden party. Now you are scratching your head, wondering where on an elegantly set table you should put them.


You can put them anywhere you care to, but the accepted location is at the head of each place setting on the table.

But don’t fret! Let’s say you are having a wine tasting dinner and have a wonderful cluster of grapes for each setting as your place card holder. Placing the card in the cluster and center the grapes on the top plate. Each guest will stir around the table searching for their name, and get the hint of what is to come. Use the place card holders as the introduction to the theme of the wedding or event.

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
Dinner parties can be frustrating or awkward for the host and hostess, and for the guest. But they don’t have to be. When you are planning your event, consider how you will announce dinner. Help your guests. When they arrive, politely tell them that you will announce dinner and until that time, they should mingle in the other room, or near the cheese tray, or, well, you get the idea. Then when the time is right, you, the host will say, 'Please join me at the table.' The important thing to do is not to sit right away and then your guests won’t feel compelled to instantly take a seat. Take a moment and say where your guests should be seated, or point out the cute (or amazing) place card holders. Point out the names and allow the guests to leisurely find their place around the table.

You would normally have the seating assigned to sit male, female, male, female all around the table. If your dinner is very formal and traditional, the women will be to the right of the men.

The woman that the man is responsible for seating is going to be to his right. So, the man will pull out the chair to the woman on his right. A nice way to make it easier for everyone is to have the ladies chair slightly farther away from the table just in case the lady has to seat herself.

Everyone is going to enter the chair from the right side of the chair. That is done so that you don't bump hips. Once seated, you the hostess signal to your guests by taking your napkin. If you say grace, take the napkin first as the signal. Place your napkin in your lap.

If you are giving a toast to the guests, or a guest of honor, your guests should wait until the toast is complete. As the host or hostess, raise your glass and ask everyone to drink to the honored guest. (The honored guests should not drink…they do not drink a toast to themselves.) If the honored guests cares to make a toast to you, the host to hostess, graciously accept the toast and drink to the honored guests’ toast.

From here, you control the event by controlling the appearance of the food. Enjoy!

Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
You’re stuck. You picked the date, and have a theme, and your wedding planning has ground to a halt. You want to do something special for naming tables and assigning seating, but just don’t know what to do.

The best rule is to have no rules. Really! Think about your theme. I had a High Tea Reception. The natural choice was to name the tables after tea. Since Darjeeling is my favorite, that was the name of the Bride and Groom’s table.

Like Movies? Why not pick your favorite wedding themed movies and name your tables after them. (“Four Weddings and a Funeral” may not be as tasteful as you think!)

Having an Irish Wedding? Why not name the tables after towns in Ireland.

Having your wedding on the Beach? Your table names can be famous beaches, or beach equipment.

Maybe you are having a Garden Wedding. Perfect! You can use flower names, gardening themes or the like for your table names.

By all means, carry the theme through to the place setting cards as well. A friend just had her wedding with an Autumn theme. She used multi colored silk leaves as the place cards and wrote the names on the leaves with a gold-foil pen. The tables were named “Spiced Pumpkin”, “Mulled Cider”, “Maple Sugar”, “Chrysanthemum”, and “Fall Foliage.”

Now you have some ideas. Get planning, and remember to enjoy the process of planning! It is half of the fun!

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