Monday, November 24, 2008

A Cup of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Bubbly

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We proudly call our blog “A Cup of Glee.” This week’s post is about the cork, popping, and sabering!

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Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
To pop or not to pop.

Quick quiz – True or False. Ready? When opening champagne, the cork should loudly pop from the bottle, and effervescence should spill wonderfully to your flute and table top. True or False?

Not surprisingly (if any of you have ever been hit with a flying champagne cork, or salvaged an errant cork which flew across the room into the depths of your French Onion Soup, then you will understand) the more silent the opening, the more polite!

The most adept and skillful server will ease the cork out gently, setting it on the right side of the gentleman or lady, and then pour the bubbly into the flute.

It is considered inept and gauche to have a loud pop and crack of the cork (not to mention a liability, should it fly across the room at lightening speeds, only to whack an unsuspecting diner!) Check out this Washington Post story if you would like to hear it from another source.

The Butler

(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)

When thinking about champagne for an event, or just a brunch with your closest friends (one of my faves is white peach champagne, freshly made crepes with fresh peach garnish and a savory scone!) think "light", like you would an aperitif. (See our earlier post on aperitifs!)

Here is a great guide for you when selecting a champagne, or how to dress it properly on the table. And remember, keep the cork quiet when opening the bubbly. Show your skills and your expertise! Shhhhhhh! Well, except for one great occasion – SABERING! (See Wedding Bells below!)

Want to serve a glass of bubbly like no other? Why not add an edible bloom? (available from Norm Thompson) Drop an exotic Australian hibiscus into champagne or any sparkling drink for a gorgeous presentation.
Wedding Bells

(Tips for planning your Wedding)

Click here and enjoy the read, history of sabering, and all the fun thoughts that come to mind! And this site, will fill you with a NEED to have have your champagne bottle opened using sabering, to be sure!

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  1. What if you don't like your dinner guests? Can you point the cork in the direction of that guest? Might get them to leave early, no?


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