Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Sandwich of the Month - Apple Cheddar on Raisin (with recipe)

Happy October everyone! Here we are in the midst of "pumpkin everything" and "apples galore."  Well, here at Fancy That, our love of pumpkin and apples brings us to this month's selection of the most delicious Autumn combos.  As we mentioned last week, the cupcakes are a pumpkin with a cream cheese frosting.  Now for the fun:  the sammie!  In addition to two English cucumber on pumpernickel, and our fancy chicken salad (with apricot jam and white raisins) on wheat bread, we introduce the October sandwich:  Granny Smith apple and Vermont white cheddar cheese on raisin bread.  YUMMY! 

Admittedly, we have oodles of fun in "test kitchen" exploring flavour combos and sampling a treat or two.  Do you want to help in "test kitchen" sometime?  :)

Here's the recipe to a great fall-flavoured tea sandwich.

2 granny smith apples
1/4 pound (about 6 slices) of Vermont white cheddar cheese
1 loaf of raisin bread
1/2 cup plain whipped cream cheese (buy it whipped...don't bother doing it yourself!)
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Ready two large granny smith apples by washing, and peeling the skins off.  Have the Vermont white cheddar sliced thinly (about the thickness of a credit card) - not paper thin though. 

Buy your favorite raisin bread - we use a Peppridge Farms Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread.  Set out four slices with four more slices for the tops.  Generously spread the whipped cream cheese on the "inside" sides of each piece of bread.

With a parring knife, slice the apples into thin slices about the thickness of a credit card.  No need to core the apply.  Just slice along one side, then the opposite, and then the other two.  Discard the core.  Turn all the apple slices into a bowl, pouring the lemon juice of the slices then mix gently so all the pieces of apple are covered with lemon juice.  This will keep them from turning brown before you assemble the sammie.

Lay one piece of cheese on the "bottom" slice of bread.  Take the slices of apple, patting them dry, then lay on the cheese.  Cover with the "top" slice of bread.

With a sharp knife, gently slice the crusts off the four sides.   Take the sandwich, and cut it in half with a thickness of about two fingers (ah!  the reason they are called "finger sandwiches!").  Chill for about an hour then serve.  This recipe yields 8 finger sammies.  

Thanks for stopping by!  OH!  Helpful cooking tip for today:  When mixing up your scones, use OUR secret ingredient - BUTTERMILK!  Never use whole milk or skim milk for scones.  The Buttermilk makes the taste and texture PERFECT for your scone.  Enjoy your Afternoon Tea!