Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Pink grapefruit Intermezzo

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Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)

Anytime I hear the word “intermezzo” (a palate cleanser, such as sorbet, served between courses; pronounced: inter-met- sō and/or inter-met-zō) all kinds of serving ideas and recipes pop into my head. In fact, it was my affection for the intermezzo that inspired me to search for the perfect vintage sherbert glass to add to Fancy That’s rental line. That search eventually led me to “boopie” glass (manufactured by anchor hocking from the 1950s to the 1970s, known for its distinctive ring of glass “beads” around the base), but, I digress!

Ok, back on topic: Manners for the Intermezzo? After the salad? Before the soup? What if a five course meal? Who knew it could be so complicated? Check this out handy book by Sue Fox: Etiquette for Dummies, for quick answers!

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)

Don’t be afraid of making sorbet. You hear all the horror stories of the sorbet not being frozen well enough, or instead, too frozen, rendering it difficult for the guests to eat. Well, there are easy recipes out there that make for a wonderful sorbet, and no, you don’t need an ice cream maker to pull it off. This pink grapefruit sorbet recipe from is one of the simplest and most tasty. Here's another good one from the Food Network which includes vodka.

I’ve found that using a melon ball scoop to drop a few balls of sorbet into a champagne flute creates an appealing display, and is a pleasantly unexpected use for a flute. After all, as they say, “the eye eats first.”

I recently noticed that my local grocery store has lemon sorbet in real lemon shells for sale in the freezer section, so if all else fails, run out and BUY it already cleverly prepared :)


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