Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Somerton Green Fine Bone Porcelain and Fancy That in Walpole MA

Firstly, when you see this picture, you just have to ask out loud - "beautiful, aren't they?"....and of course the answer is "they are simply stunning."  These beautiful teapots and matching cups and saucers are the introduction line of Somerton Green from Australia into Fancy That's Tea Room.  And soon, carried in our Gift Shoppe.  When you have Tea in our Tea Room, you may be served your tea selection in these wonderful Somerton Green tea pots.  Keep an eye here and on our Facebook Page for more information about ordering one these beautiful tea pots, cup and saucer sets, for your own collection and more items of Australia's Somerton Green line.  Thrilled!  We are just absolutely thrilled to have Somerton Green in Fancy That's Tea Room and Gift Shoppe.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fancy That in Walpole, MA announces "Cream Tea To Go"

Fancy That is pleased to announce our Cream Tea To Go!  You can call ahead and in two hours or less, we will have your Cream Tea ready in a box, to go!  Don't quite know what Cream Tea is?  Cream Tea is a scone or scones, served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and English Breakfast tea.  Cream Tea is also known as Devonshire Tea, Devon Cream Tea or Cornish Cream Tea.   Very popular in the South West of England, Cream Tea is served in many of the tea rooms in the UK, and now is catching on in the USA as well.

Of course, we do have to mention the different ways of preparing your Cream Tea.  (said with a grin, of course).  In the USA, it is "as you wish."  But if you are Cornish, or having Cornish Cream Tea, your jam goes on the scone first, and the "cream" (or clotted cream) goes on top of the jam (sometimes also called the Cornish Split).  The Cornish are very, VERY proud of their cream and like to ensure that it is the top of the heap when it comes to the scone.  "Devon Cream Tea" is the method of preparing the scone with the "cream" on first, and the jam on top.  The scones should be split in two, either with fingers or a spreader, and each half prepared.  Butter is rarely ever present since the clotted cream serves that purpose and much better at that!  Milk, whole, is what is put in the English Breakfast tea.  After all, cream is for coffee and milk is for tea.

So there you are!  You know what Cream Tea is.  And now you also know that Fancy That has Cream Tea to Go - Thursdays through Sundays.  Call ahead toll free (888-32-32-TEA) and we will have your cream tea ready to go when you are!  Cream Tea To Go - now available at Fancy That!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)