Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flavoured or Unflavoured Teas - Part III - Getting the Flavour IN

Over the last several posts we have been talking about flavoured tea, how tea is graded, and how tea is "scented" as with the Lapsang Souchong. In today's post, I will be providing a great link as a primer on how tea is flavoured. The link will place you in Adagio Teas' Lesson Section of their web site. It is a great way to cover the "inclusion" (pieces of flowers or fruit added), "extracts" (agents derived from essential oils), "nature-identical" (agents that are natural but derived from chemical processes) and "artifical flavours" in tea flavouring.

Click here to start the learning process about Tea. The one main thing to remember is the tea leaf, so delicate and wonderful, accepts many flavours or scents if treated at just the right time. So while different ways are used to make the tea you drink "your tea", it all comes down to the Camellia Sinensis leaf (shown above) and how it is treated.

Enjoy your tea! And thanks for stopping by!

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