Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cord Covers - not left over packing material

I know, I know. You are sick and tired of seeing the cords dangle from your computer or the back of your television set. Well, there are solutions! Of course there are the plastic covers that you can purchase at any big box electronics store, seen here.

Or, you can find the cord covers that are, front time to time, mistaken as packing material, by the unknowing. (grin) Renters, or anyone who has a cord sticking out from an appliance, can cover them with elegant materials. the colors and patterns that you could only dream of..

Cord covers are actually a part of electronic history. They were used originally to hide unsightly chains the allowed heavy chandeliers to be suspended from the beams in ceilings. And they worked nicely as well.

Then came the electrical cord. Piping for that nasty gas that was used to light homes was replaced by electric cords that usually were unsightly. Rahter than showing the gingam pattern or red and black checkers that were used in old cloth cords, cord covers were made out of velvet.

Even a chandelier hanging from a suspended ceiling can boast elegance when a cord cover us used. A simple Google search for cord covers will reveal the many different choices that you have. So enjoy your search for cord covers, and use them often and everywhere in your home. A helpful hint: find the cord covers with elastic on the ends. Otherwise your cord cover will fall and reveal the cord...u-g-l-y! And if you have a chandelier that you simply do not want to lower to install a cord cover, there are companies now who make the cord covers with Velcro(R) along the length so you can open the cord cover like okra, and then close it back up once it is around the chain.

Thanks for stopping by! Let us know how your search for cord covers is progressing!

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