Monday, June 22, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Garden Parties - Part 3 of 4 - What to Eat!

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This week we are highlighting "what to eat" at your garden party. By now, your mind is whirling of what color themes you will use, how you will invite your guests and which invitations to use, and now you are focused on the menu.

Fear not! Following are ideas for planning your garden party menu from the sublime, to the catered! (grin) You can think simple like wine and cheese or think involved like rolled salmon and fresh crackers, to everything in between. Just don't forget the punch (see our older posts on Pink Punch and Beverage Decanters)!

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)

Southern Living has come great ideas for the Spring Garden Party. Just click on the picture above and you will have menu ideas to get your creative side going!

Of course, we couldn't be giving out recipies without also mentioning the Food Network. Their selections go from the berries and bubbly to the wine and cheese using goat's milk cheese and other fine fixings.

Be sure to allow some time to explore Suite 101 as well for fine recipies. And remember, include some sugared flowers (but only those that are edible) as garnish on your plates to add that extra "zing" to your garden party.
As you finalize your menu, please do let us know what you decided, and we will post your ideas here in two weeks! Tell your friends, and good planning!

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