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A Cup of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - The Garden Party - Part 2 of 4 - The Inviting Garden Party

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Welcome to part 2 of four parts with the theme of “Garden Parties.” Remember last week we mentioned one of the most important things in a Garden Party Décor. This week, we call our post: “The Inviting Garden Party.”

Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
Everyone will agree that, sending an invitation that is elegant will set the tone for the Garden Party. My Expressions posting summarizes it best that when receiving a beautifully done invitation, the tone is already set, and the guests know they are being invited to an elaborate affair. If your event is a little less formal, you can create your own flower-shaped invitations adding your information in the center of the flower, seal envelopes with garden stickers, or if you can hand-deliver your invitations, use a small plant pot, with your invitation tied to the pot. Include a small plant or a packet of seeds.

In all cases, use the R.S.V.P. (répondez, s'il vous plait) which means “please reply.” There is no need to say “please RSVP: since that would be redundant. Even if your event is casual, use the RSVP in order to keep a count on the guest so you can plan your food and drink (which is the subject of next week’s post!).

If you are the guest and receive an RSVP, please do be courteous enough to reply to your hostess or host in a timely manner, with the correct number of guests. Nothing causes more “bad flowers” at a garden party than having to set up chairs and another table, let alone not being able to feed everyone simply because your replied that only you would come, and instead, you brought six of your cousins. Be kind, be courteous, and behave! (grin)

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
Nothing says “elegant garden party” like a botanical invitation. If you are having invitations printed, one of our favs is…you guessed it, Artistic Addressing.

We have highlighted Artistic Addressing in earlier posts here, and find they still entice, excited and provide a great product for the fee. Personalized invitations show the hostess or host has taken the time to create an invitation list, decide who will be seated where, and whether to have buffet, family style, self-service or frozen from the microwave (just kidding!).

If you would like another choice so you can use a portion of your budget elsewhere, consider Invitation Consultants.
Invitation Consultants has a nice selection and usually ships in 7 to 9 days after production.

Lastly for suggestions, if you are on a budget and in a hurry, consider Vista Print!

All too often, when friends of ours are scratching their head not knowing which way to turn, we point them in the direction of Vista Print and their solution is only a few days away, and designed quickly and easily by You! It has your personal mark on the invitations. Just use care checking out so you don’t order an extra 100! (for those of us that have done that, we all know exactly what we are talking about!)

The Flying Saucer
(What’s new at Fancy That!)

What better for your Garden Party than a paper parasol? Not yet pictured on Fancy That!'s web store, but available upon request, are these wonderful paper parasols that will be the exclamation point on your Garden Party. Call or email for pricing and availability!

A Gilt Paper Parasol - Perfect for your elegant garden party!

An Oriental Theme would be perfect for this colorful paper parasol

And my personal fav with the flowers and beautiful birds

Until my next post, please remember:
Suggestions tolerated, compliments always welcomed. Tell your friends, and visit often.

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