Monday, June 8, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - The Garden Party - Part 1 of 4

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This week we are pleased to start a four week series on The Garden Party. We hope to give you some hints, some idea, some links, some paths and more than anything else, some motivation to host that Garden Party that everyone will talk about until next summer. So without further adieu, let’s get started on our first week of “The Garden Party.” This week we are exploring the most feared item for the Garden Party – Color (gasp!). Really now? Are you THAT afraid of color?

Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)
Invitations, table cloths, napkins, plates, cups, silver ware or plastic ware, all can coordinate or clash. After all, it is all about the mood you want to set. The best table top hint is to coordinate the colors with your garden near where the party will be held. If you flower beds are pinks and whites, then you can make your theme pink and green, with a splash of white.

Simply: take the inspiration from the outside, and mimic the colors that you first see when you open the French Doors to your patio or Garden oasis. (And if you are a city dweller, and are having your garden party on the third floor walk up patio, use the brick and steel as your colors! Add a splash of color to bring whimsy to your tables, and you are all set!

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
You could always consider a color and a theme for your garden party. Check out the idea here
for an Impressionist Theme Garden Party. You now know your colors, and your theme. It’s time to get the invitations started!

Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
Why not play “dress up”?

I have found that ladies and gentlemen BOTH enjoy playing dress up when everyone is playing along. Even the most reserved, cranky of husbands will feel dapper in a top hat, grey gloves, and a fine silken tuxedo. Add to that the ladies with their hats gently flopping the breeze, and you have the perfect Garden Party for a wedding reception. Even if you prefer a tent in case of rain, ladies and gentlemen in “black tie” will always make the eye brow raise, and will always be flattering whomever you are!

The Flying Saucer
(What’s new at Fancy That!)
Next week, some great news about new additions to Fancy That’s Garden Party Line. Check back next Monday to be the first to see our new items for rent!

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