Friday, April 15, 2011

Pai Mu Tan is a White Tea often called White Peony

White Peony Tea from the Fujian province of China, plucked from a special varietal tea bush called chaicha, is also known as Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mudan, or Peh bo Tan which is the actual pronunciation in Chinese. This translates literally to White Peony. This tea is a sweet, mild tea made from unopened tea buds, as well as the two newest leaves to sprout. The freshly harvested leaf is allowed to wither dry in the sun. The natural oxidation which takes place during this withering gives White Peony beautiful, aromatic flavors. The nose is warm, floral and rich like fruit blossoms. The liquor is golden and bright. What you get when you drink this tea is a clean, floral-fruit flavor with a hint of what you would think how a peony would taste. As you reach for a white tea, or any tea-blend with white or green, consider this Pai Mu Tan as a reward for the experience, and a reward for your palate. It also offers anti-oxidants so there are other rewards in enjoying a cup as well! Fancy That is proud to offer “Sunny Passion” which is a Green and White tea blend. Best described as a noble blend of Pai Mu Tan & Yunnan, rosebuds, pineapple, mango cubes & a delicate touch of pear, this tea will delight you as an iced tea in the summer, or that special cup of tea after a long day. Reward yourself and have a cup of “Sunny Passion”. Now available at Fancy That: a Tea Boutique. Don't forget about our Open House on May 28th from 1pm - 4pm. You can sample tea and tea bread while browsing through the Tea Boutique. There is parking in front and behind the Tea Boutique. 'Hope to see you then! (The tea and tea bread will be offered buffet style as this is not a seated event.) Please do stop by again very soon.

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