Monday, September 14, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Lookie! New things!

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We are back from vacation! With the last full week of Summer upon us, we are glad to be back, and blogging again on A Cup Of Glee.
All the while, we have been busy adding to the unique, and vintage inventory of Fancy That! After all, when you collect such fine things, there are never enough hours in a day to acquire! We will quickly detail a few of the new items we are offering, but first want to also give a little tease: soon Fancy That customers will be able to have their occasion catered simply by calling Fancy That for rentals. Imagine how nice it will be to have your event catered, and rent some of the finest china, all with one phone call! It will be easy for you, and perfect for your guests!

Ok, now on to the items we are so excited about.
Firstly, our new flatware we are calling “Hotel Flat Ware.” Gathering from Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Oceanliners & Estates throughout the world, Hotel Flatware – vintage from the Nineteen-Fifties back to pre- WWII is making a come back. In the early 1900s, England's finest hotels created unique settings by mixing flatware patterns. The look was dramatic and eclectic—a refreshing change from the standard. Fancy That is bringing this unique classic look back to life.
Fancy That’s flatware is not modern reproduction flatware: it is the genuine article. Our growing collection of flatware is a perfect example of the quality & craftsmanship that exemplified the silver industry. The patterns are mixed and include some Americana designs from the 1950s and before as well as English, French and other counties’ patterns. The wide variety of patterns range from understated Colonial, ornate Victorian and luxurious Baroque designs to more modern motifs, each reflecting artistry from years past that still complements today's most contemporary tables – the tables of your event. Some pieces are more ornate and some are simple. They may be ornamented with a monogram, heraldic crests or the name of a hotel, restaurant or café. Each piece is as unique as it is lovely. This silver plated Hotel Flat Ware IS THE PERFECT touch you have been looking for to make your guests remember the night for may months to come.

Our flatware is "vintage and found". Each piece will vary slightly from place setting to place setting. Sizes may also vary from standard American flatware – bigger spoons and heavier forks and smaller small spoons. When you rent our Hotel Flatware, please allow us to choose for you a beautiful assortment. You will be able to rent just one piece, or one hundred place settings. Using Fancy That’s Hotel Flatware will add that “zing” to your table, and make you proud once you hear the comments from each guest.

We are also thrilled to share as rental items are the jam and condiment servers. Hobnail in design, vintage in craftsmanship, these smokey-glassed treasures look great when you use the silver spoons.

Your guests will find excuses to go back to the jam again and again just to see and use the wonderful jam and condiment servers. Vintage and beautiful!

Speaking of vintage items, our new teal goblets are the perfect version of vintage-modern. As the box and adverts say from the 1980’s:
By Indiana Glass
“Recollection glass. . . yesterday’s charm for today’s table”
Recollection . . . is a reissue of the famed Depression era Madrid pattern of the ‘20s & ‘30s. The original Madrid moulds were destroyed in the ‘40s for the war scrap drive but original pieces have been faithfully copied.”
· Color – Teal
· Size – 6 ½ inches tall
· Holds 11 oz of liquid
We have collected enough for your intimate celebration, and are collecting more and more each week. With these fine goblets as part of your tablescape, your guests will simply “oooo and awwww” over the teal, crystal-look and the delicate, yet sturdy feel.

Since we are on the subject of goblets, over the vacation period we also were able to acquire near 100 of these Austrian Crystal (over 24% leaded crystal) goblets. Mind you, they are modern goblets, but beautiful when the lights passes through them.

The last drink from one of these cups leaves your guests with a star pattern at the bottom of the glass. Just an incredible piece of glass crystal!

Lastly for this week, we are proud and happy to announce the we will be hosting guest authors and contributors on A Cup Of Glee. Last week we opened the idea of having guest authors and were overwhelmed with the response from Twitter and our Blog. Starting soon, we will be posting articles and musings by guest authors and contributors.

Please do stop by often. And tell your friends to stop by as well!
Until our next post, please remember:
Suggestions tolerated, compliments always welcomed. Tell your friends, and visit often.

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