Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hotel Flatware for rent from Fancy That! - Bringing the unique classic look back to life

We are so excited about a new offering we'll be adding to our rental inventory soon, that we thought we would take a quick break from vacation to announce the details: mixed flatware settings! And you guessed it, they're vintage– from the 1950's back to pre- WWII.

In the early 1900s, England's finest hotels created unique settings by mixing flatware patterns. The look was dramatic and eclectic—a refreshing change from the standard. "Hotel" flatware. Fancy That is bringing this unique classic look back to life. Rest assured…Fancy That’s flatware is not modern reproduction flatware: it is the genuine article. Our growing collection of flatware is a perfect example of the quality & craftsmanship that exemplified the silver industry. The patterns are mixed and include some Americana designs from the 1950s and before as well as English, French and other counties’ patterns.

The patterns range from understated Colonial to ornate Victorian and luxurious Baroque designs, to more modern motifs, each reflecting artistry from years past that still complement today's most well-dressed tabletops. Some pieces are more ornate and some are simple. They may be ornamented with a monogram, heraldic crests or the name of a hotel, restaurant or café. Each piece is as unique as it is lovely!

We will be taking more pictures soon and will post views for your enjoyment. Feel free to stop back soon.

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