Monday, July 27, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Under the Big Top

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When you hear people talk about "Under the Big Top" you first think of the circus or other wonderful time under the top of a grand tent. This week, we thought we would drop a few hints about tenting for your wedding, your celebration, or just because you want to have an event out of doors.

In some of our fav links below, you will get great info about planning your tenting event, and other ideas surrounding the hows, whys, and wheres to put that tent.

Our three main hints are:

1) Cut the grass about four days before your event, and before the tent goes up. That will prevent grass staining of your shoes, the tent, your children, and anything else that may touch the grass.

2) Remember that a tent is only for protection against the sun, some wind (light winds) and light rain. If there are going to be monsoonal downpours, blustery winds, or just wild weather, have a Plan B! The tent will not only afford you much shelter, it won't be all that safe!

3) You don't have to have your chairs sink into the ground! Drake Corporation has come up with the solution: Chair Lawn Feet.

Enjoy the other links (and don't forget to stop back here after you get lost in the cyber world of tenting hints!)!!

Choosing that right tent for your event can be as simple as eeney-meeney-miney-moo, or reading this great hint from ezine.

Of course there are steps that eveyone could follow. Wouldn't life be much easier if we had a check list of the "five things to do" for this and that? Well, the "wedaholic" blog site has a great "five key steps to correctly planning a wedding tent." Now that you have your checklist, life has just gotten easier, right?! :)

And for decorating your tent, you can be as formal as you wish with grand chandeliers, or as country casual as you wish. While dreaming about your decor for your tent, check out this link from!

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