Monday, July 13, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Sweetness at the Center

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This week is all about the center of the table – well, the SWEETNESS at the center of the table. Centerpieces can make or break a tablescape. There is no discussion about that. Centerpieces don't have to be elaborate to be fantastic! At a party we had in April, our centerpieces were mini desserts on a three tiered server.

Here are a few ideas that I love:

I recently came across a company called Candy Spirit. What a unique spin on a well-known candy treat. These candy centerpieces run from below $21 each to well above that - and are fun to look at. Talk about "eye candy" :)

Topiaries, Towers, Truffles:

And as Truffel Sensations says on their web site:

"All the truffle centers are made with Callebaut white, milk, or dark chocolate as per your request and may be additionally flavoured with several choices. The truffle exteriors may be enrobed in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate as well. As a result, several flavour combinations are available. Nut free and alcohol free are available as well."

This week's tip? Keep your centerpieces fun and sweet!

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