Monday, September 1, 2008

A Cup of Glee - Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to the Blog for Fancy That! We proudly call our blog “A Cup of Glee.” Thank you for stopping by for this week’s posting. Enjoy!

The Flying Saucer
(What’s new at Fancy That!)

We’re constantly adding to our inventory and have recently procured these fantastic square luncheon plates! Snatched em up for a song! They’ve inspired me to offer a vintage line of just square plates, so I’ve been busying acquiring :) (now I need to find just the right square charger plate! Oh well, I guess my work is never done :))

Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)

Let’s talk about the Place Card Holders, shall we? They're another great way to add interest and dimenstion to your event. They don't have to be traditional! Here's your chance to showcase your individuality. Granted, at a large event, such as a wedding, you may only have assigned tables and not assigned seating at each table, but if your event is smaller (or you just want to go over-the-top) you may deside to assign seating and if you do, why not do something unexpected? Here are few ideas to inspire you: Check out these chocolate place cards from Amazing! How about custom cookie place cards (or cookie gift tags or cookie napkin rings! She does it all! Tell her what you have in mind, and she'll make it in an edible form). You don't have to go to a lot of expense. Here's something (see pic below) that's simple but still classic (from You Are Here Originally uploaded by Domino Cid).

Have an original idea that you want to share? Send us a picutre from your event, and we just may feature it on A Cup of Glee. Email us.

The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
One of the reasons I really like throwing dinner parties is that I don't need a reason to! Recently spluge on service for six of some gorgeous tableware? Sounds like time for a dinner party, to me :). Consider who you'll invite and what your menu will be, and from there, your theme will start to emerge. Don't forget that a very important element to your dinner party is music! But there's more to think about: I love this article by Jim Roberts on How to Throw an Exceptional Dinner Party and I think the only thing I would add to his sage advice is this: If you and your guests have a habit of talking and hanging out late into the evening, you might want to consider preparing a light snack that is served some time after dessert. When ever my husband and I get together with two particular friends of ours, invariably, we all lose track of time and find ourselves hungry again after dinner and several hours of good conversation. So, in addition to an appetizer, we prepare in advance a cheese and cracker tray (or chips and dip) that we call a "midnight snack" :)
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  1. Hi - what a pleasant surprise featuring the napkin ring above (photo by my friend, Domino Cid). I actually created these for my own wedding, and have been a signature detail for events I've coordinated. :)
    If you want the same for your wedding or event, let me know! 0917.804.0290

    the bride/events coordinator