Sunday, September 14, 2008

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The Flying Saucer
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I’ve been on the search for the perfect charger plate to add to our rental line. The search has not been as easy as it may sound. The dilemma is the color. Should I go with Silver, Gold, some other option? Gold will coordinate with the gold trim that is on the majority of the teacups and plates that we offer for rent, but how is a gold charger going to look on a tabletop, sitting beside silver flatware? I have yet to decide. Silver chargers present the opposite problem: they’ll clearly go with silverware, but how will they look under our china plates that are trimmed in gold? Or aside a gold trimmed vintage teacup? These are the questions that I ponder :) In my experience, early on in your wedding plans, whether you realize it or not, you’ll come to a conclusion as to whether you’re a silver accent person or a gold accent person. The same issue will be contemplated when you are eventually designing a kitchen or bathroom: think sink and shower fixtures, and cabinet knobs, but I digress. Okay, back to chargers. While I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, as of today, I am leaning toward a neutral colored under-plate, such as off-white. Here is a picture of the one I am presently considering. What do you think?

Table Talk
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A charger adds SO much to a place setting. Check out Sneak Peek for Tea Party Originally uploaded by jcann as a beautiful example.

The Butler
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Speaking of charger plates, have you ever wondered about their proper use? (yep, there IS such a thing as charger plate etiquette :)) See here:

Wedding Bells
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Okay, I’m going to break away from the charger theme to talk about something I wish I had done at my own wedding: the use a wedding planner, just for the day. Hubby and I put a lot of thought into planning our wedding, and I never considered using a wedding planner. Between the two of us, I have to say we thought of just about everything! But on our actual wedding day, we both realized what we really needed was someone there to make sure that our best laid plans went off without a hitch (because we really didn’t have time to do it, nor did we want to). Now, I know you’re saying to yourself: that’s what the catering manager is for, and you’re right… but when issues come up, even small ones, it’s nice to have someone available to alert the catering manager, and that’s where a wedding planner for the day comes in handy. She or he will be the “go to” person, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Besides, even catering managers may need a little looking after. I remember my catering manager coming to my hotel room (at an upscale hotel in Boston) the morning of my wedding to ask me for a seating chart (apparently he couldn’t find the one I had already provided). Thankfully, I had brought extra everything just in case, but I was in the middle of having my hair done, and it would have been nice if I didn’t have to worry about such details at that point (plus, it left me wondering what else he may have lost or forgotten). There were a few other glitches throughout the day – nothing tragic – but given all of the planning we had done, it was a pity to see certain details not executed properly. It just would have been great to have someone there to over-see everything. Simply put: use a wedding planner, even if it’s just for the day, and I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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