Tuesday, September 23, 2014

October's flavours for Afternoon Tea

Here at Fancy That, we are excited about how our Afternoon Teas have grown.  We love to hear the Shoppe full of people enjoying Afternoon Tea.  The stories we hear from our guests warm our hearts and make us realize that what we are doing is more than just serving up tea - we are creating an event that will be remembered for quite some time.

So, here we are, with our foot at the door of Autumn and October.  Planning for Afternoon Tea involves our selecting menu items that we change each and every month.  We change the scone flavour (fresh baked on site daily and NOW WE SELL THE SCONES as well), a mini cupcake and at least one sandwich (Sammie for short).  We decided to share that planning with you as soon as we make our decision.  Starting monthly, we will give you a sneak peek at the menu for the coming month.  If you look at the pictures and think "yum" you should also think about making reservations and come to tea!   Hang around here as well.  We will start including recipes that you can use for your own Afternoon Teas.

October's menu for Afternoon Tea is set!  See below for some of the sweets.  A post next week will have the savory along with a recipe that you can try yourself.  

Pumpkin Cream Cheese mini Cupcake is one of three desserts for October

Raspberry with White Chocolate chips is the flavour for the scone for October

Thank you for stopping by!  We'll see you next week with the sandwich flavour and recipe! See you then!

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