Monday, October 21, 2013

The Tea Napkin or Serviette

When setting your table for Afternoon Tea, remember the napkins.  A tea napkin, or serviette, is a dainty napkin of 9 inches to 12 inches square.  From the British or Old French, "serviette" (pronounced ser VEE Ett) is a piece of cloth that goes on the table during tea service.
Of course you can use any size napkin you wish, but keeping the napkin dainty near 12 inches square, with maybe a little bit of embroidery, adds that classic touch to your Afternoon Tea.

For points of reference, Luncheon napkins are about 12 x 16 inches, Dinner napkins are near 15 x 17 inches to 20 x 20 inches and "Lapkins" or a cloth to cover your entire lap is over 22 inches square.  Classic linen Lapkins have also been used at Afternoon Teas when a lady preferred to protect her dress from any crumbs.

We hope you enjoyed this little post.  The pictures above are from Fancy That's Tea Room where we use 12 inch square cloth napkins for each tea service.  We find the touch and feel to be reminiscent of days gone by, with a little color (pink!) added to bring the napkins "up to date."  Thanks for stopping by!  :)

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