Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Afternoon Tea (high tea) at Fancy That in Walpole Massachusetts

It has been a journey (some of which we chronicled here) from the idea of wanting to serve Afternoon Tea, to the place where we are now - serving Afternoon Tea by reservation on Saturdays and Sundays.  We have to say, we are absolutely THRILLED with the reception!  We are fully booked for this weekend (there are tables available for next weekend!).  With a few moments to spare,  just thought we would share some pictures of Afternoon Tea at Fancy That.  Enjoy the photos!  :)

Mini desserts served at a recent Afternoon Tea

 Table for two in the Dining Room

Dining Room with tables set for three guests each

The yummy part of Afternoon Tea!

When making reservations, be sure to request The Pink Room for a private room (up to a group of four)

The Pink Room can accommodate up to four guests

We are crazy about the vintage china we use for Afternoon Tea

The savories

Thanks for stopping by!  We look forward to welcoming you for tea!  :)

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