Thursday, January 10, 2013

Becoming a Tea Room - Common Victualler's License

In getting licensed to open as a Tea House or Tea Shop, we have found out two important things: 1 – It is always easier to find a commercial property in a proper zone than it is to find a nice property and try to get a variance and 2 – you will need to get licenses. If you are serving tea, you will become a Common Victualler (pronounced VIT-ler). The only way to become a Common Victualler in the USA is to get permitted through a license. Let’s look at the process right now:

A Victualler is traditionally a person who sells foods or other provisions, serves food or other provisions, similar to a grocer, and in particular, British usage can be used to mean a person licensed to sell alcoholic beverages (of course, that is another license in the USA).  Here’s a summary (very generic) of how to get open, properly with licenses in hand….

Step 1 - get the architectural drawing of how the kitchen or food prepare SHALL BE (there is usually a certification affidavit that you will sign with the Common Victualler application that says you will do the work as drawn – you will provide that affidavit with the drawing.)

Step 2 - take drawing to Board of Health and Building Inspector (be prepared to leave a copy with them for review) for their approval - providing initial spaces or signing spaces would be perfect. If they choose to sign elsewhere that will be up to them).

Step 3 - Complete application for Common Victualler and submit along with the fee to BOS (Board of Selectmen), Town Aldermen, or designated board. They will notify when a public hearing will be accomplished.

Step 3 A - for the application: letter and/or lease from owner; affidavit of workman's comp; affidavit of tax payments made to department of revenue; bank reference.

Step 4 - Appear before the Board of Selectmen Public Hearing with a copy of package for each selectman and answer any questions. Getting supporters to join at this meeting would help! :)

Get Victualler's License and start construction. Upon Final Board Of Health inspection and their permit issued, OPEN!

More very soon!  :)

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