Friday, October 19, 2012

Proper, old-fashion Sugar Mice!

66 days until Christmas!  If you are British, you probably long for the days when you as a child and your mum would go down the street to a Sweet Shoppe and there they would be...the holiday "Sugar Mice" with the string tail.  Nothing said "Holiday" more than the corn syrup, sugar and light flavouring shaped mice with those adorable black eyes.

Sugar mice are a holiday tradition in many British homes - often times placed in the children's stockings or tucked into the decorated tree.  The first child who found the pink mouse got an extra orange!  What fun those days were.

Now popular at fetes (festivals) and bazaars in the EU, Sugar Mice are not easy to come by in the USA.

Well, Fancy That is excited to announce that we have a confirmed order from across the pond, and will have Sugar Mice in our Shoppe for this Holiday Season!  By the way, the first person who finds the sugar mouse in the Christmas Tree when the Shoppe is open wins a free tin of Orange Cookie Tea!  :)  Our trees and decorations go up the first week of November.  So stop by and look for the Sugar Mouse in our Trees!  :)

See you soon!  

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