Saturday, April 7, 2012

Setting a Proper Table - The Butler's Stick

The Butler's Stick is a tool of the highly trained professional. It is a tool that allows you to be certain your table is set accurately. Now ask yourself...what house is complete without a Butler's Stick?

A great resource and instruction of how to set a proper table can be found here. This is also a great resource for the proper way to set a table, even without a Butler's Stick. The McPherson School is, without a doubt, a resource for you when you want to ensure your table is set with the fork in the right position (don't you just hate it when you see one of the wedding photography sites and the spoon and fork are reversed? ugh!)

Video for use of the Butler's Stick can be seen here.

And now, you can see the Butler Stick at Fancy That's Showroom and Shoppe! Simply ask and we can show you the Butler's Stick, how to use one, and where to get one.

Setting a proper table - with The Butler's Stick.

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