Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tea Pots and Round Napkins

So there we were, with our new display rack that we got from IHR/Boston International, showing off the fine quality cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins and round napkins (rondos) (all from IHR/Boston International), and at the top of the rack, was a pole....just a plain pole. Two days of obsessing over the plain pole brought the most incredible brainstorm....put something on top! (Super Glue makes magic happen! :) ) So, a two cup tea pot (we sell these two cup tea pots in our Shoppe) now adorns the top of the display rack, with a cute little pink bow! How sweet is THAT?

Speaking of round napkins...called rondos....tomorrow a package of beautiful round napkins (rondos) begin their way from Poland to our Shoppe in Walpole, Masachusetts. Yes, you read that right! Polish Round Napkins. Wait until you see the patterns...incredible even if we say so ourselves! So stay tuned! We will be putting images up on Facebook and here. shapped when in their package....round napkins when opened (can be used as placemats, elegant lapkins, or even under centerpieces!) from Poland are soon to arrive at Fancy That's Shoppe!

Tea Pots and Round Napkins....does life get any better? Really? (grin)

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