Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tea on a stick - Whirl Ease Tea in five flavours

It is all about simple - simple things for summer, and simple things to make life easier. Enter our latest product - tea on a stick known as Whirl Ease. From Strawberry Hill Confectionery in Massachusetts, these sticks have lightly sweetened tea on the end of the stick, ready to swirl into a hot cup of water. The best part about it is what these tea sticks are NOT - GMO free, Gluten free, Kosher and then, what they ARE - Certified Organic, with real cane sugar.

Simply uncover the Whirl Ease, and swirl them around in your cup of hot water. In just moments, and without much fuss, you will have a lightly sweetened tea that is organic, with mild flavours that enhance the tea. Each Whirl Ease makes about 15 ounces of tea. If your cup is small (like a classic china cup - 4 ounces) you can use the Whirl Ease for two or more cups.

If you cup is a mug and up to 15 ounces, it makes a great mug of tea! Hot water and a few moments of whirling in the water...viola!

Fancy That is happily now carrying:

Green tea with Mango

White tea with Cranberry

Black tea with Lemon

Black tea with Pomegranate

and our very favorite out of all the flavours, and only when organic peaches are in season...

Black tea with Peach.

We have the Whirl Ease (tea on a stick) displayed in personal sized tea pots to help you make your choice of flavours. If you are not local to our Tea Boutique and would like Whirl Ease, you can order by calling toll free 1-888-323-2832 and we can ship anywhere in the Continental USA. Even IF you are in Walpole, and you want to order, you can by calling toll free 1-888-323-2832. Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you again soon.

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