Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update on Tregothnan Tea at Fancy That's Tea Boutique

Tea from the Tregothnan Estate in England is being carried by Fancy That in our Tea Boutique. We are an authorized USA retailer for the only tea grown in England. The Tregothnan estate in Cornwall & Kent in England is internationally known for its fine English estate products grown and produced on Tregothnan land. A real working Estate with world renowned botanical gardens, the tea is gown, harvested and produced in England, distributed to the USA and being sold by Fancy That as an authorized retailer.

Gate leading into the Tregothnan Estate in England

While you can get the teas in loose leaf (call ahead to inquire – toll free 1-888-323-2TEA (2832)), the following are the offerings that you can purchase: (If you are not local to our Tea Boutique in Walpole, Massachusetts, call toll free 1-888-323-2832 to place your order, or email us! We can ship your order to any part of the Continental USA! or if out of stock, can order and have it in our Tea Boutique for your in a few days!)

Tregothnan Afternoon Tea – a fine Tregothnan Tea blended with Darjeeling.(Box of 10 Sachets or box of 25 sachets)

Tregothnan Classic – blended black tea. (Box of 10 Sachets or box of 25 sachets)

Tregothnan Earl Grey – a 200 year plus tradition of this black tea (box of 10 sachets or box of 25 sachets)

Tregothnan Green Tea – delicate and refreshing blend of Chinese Green and Tregothnan teas (Box of 10 sachets)

Tregothnan’s Royal Blend – a limited production of an exclusive Royal Wedding celebratory tea (loose by the ounce)

Chamomile (Box of 10 sachets)

Echinacea - grown on the Tregothnan Estate (Box of 10 sachets)

Eucalyptus (Box of 10 sachets)

Lemon Verbena – aloysia triphylla is grown on the Tregothnan Estate and yields the Lemon Verbena Tea (Box of 10 sachets)

Manuka – Infusion of Tregothnan Manuka honey (Box of 10 sachets)

Nettle – non-stinging of course! :) (Box of 10 sachets)

Peppermint (Box of 10 sachets)

Can you ever over-indulge? When enjoying this fine imported tea actually grown in England, we think there is no way to over-indulge. Start your day with Earl Grey, have Green Tea for Elevenses, Afternoon Tea at 2pm, then Manuka with dinner, and Nettle or Peppermint before bed. Now THAT’s what we call “A DAY”!
Call ahead to check on availability, or to pre-place your order. Call toll free 1-888-323-2TEA(2832). We can help you with your Tregothnan Tea Order now, and in the future! We hope to hear from you soon!

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