Thursday, March 17, 2011

Language of Spices and Flowers - Lavender is Devotion

Lavender Field
In our next post, we will be announcing a new product line being carried by Fancy That in our shoppe. As a preface to our next post and the announcement (are you feeling the building excitement?) we would like to share some old Victoriana with you – what flowers and spices mean.

We all know that a rose means love. Did you know that different colored roses mean a different thing? That is for yet another post. Did you know that Lavender means devotion? Imagine giving a loved one, friend or husband (or bride) a gift of Lavender. You are saying “With Devotion”. Are you excited to hear about the newest item soon to be in the Fancy That Shoppe?

Sadly, a little time to wait will be needed. Until the time that the announcement is made, here are some meanings of flowers and spices:

Almond – Hope
Basil – Best wishes, Love
Coriander – Desire
Garlic – Courage, Strength
Lavender – Devotion
Rosemary – Remembrance
Sage – Wisdom, Long life

More about “Lavender” next week! Thanks for stopping by.

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