Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Types of Service, Russian, British, Butler and French

Having been at a few weddings this season, and visiting friends at restaurants where the servers actually know what type of service they are offering, I thought it fun to review some of the normal styles of service. Imagine the look on your caterer’s face when, planning for your wedding, you ask for Butler Service as guests arrive, Russian Service for the entrée, and French Service for the dessert. Imagine the look on your groom’s face!

Let’s give them a look.

Russian Service is when the experienced chef precuts the protein of the meal, and assembles them back together in the kitchen. What you, the diner sees, is a tray that looks like the whole goose even though it may only be a portion of the goose. Said to have originated during the time of the Czar, Russian service is perfect for the one-table banquet when all guests see the entrée brought out.

French Service is when the food is worked at the side of the table. Many times the food is precooked in the kitchen, and finished at table side along with the sauces and garnish. At times an entire fish could be filleted at your tableside. When you have the faming meal at your table, that is French Service.

British Service may be familiar to you as “family service.” Big platters and tureens are brought out from the kitchen and placed before the guests. The guests then happily help themselves. British Service is perfect to get the table’s talking and have a family atmosphere. British Service can be formal as well.

Then there is Butler Service. When a canapé is brought out and placed in the hands of the servers, this is called Butler Service. Often times, the servers then have pre-arranged sections of the room and ensure that each guest gets their opportunity to enjoy the wonderful delight.

Now that you are informed of the styles of service, let your mind wander to your next event. Imagine British Service for your Holiday Party! Enjoy! And while you are thinking of planning your next event, don't forget to include Fancy That! in your next plans. Thank you!

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