Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fancy That! As the Showroom and Shoppe Come Together

As you enter what will be the Reading Room,
you will see this teapot (actually, it's a coffee pot!) lamp.

Teacups are getting unpacked and ready to rent!

Another shelf. You can just see a tiny bit of blush pink paint (lower right corner of pic).
That's the color we're going to paint the two small storage rooms that are off of the main room
(it will be fun to walk through and look at the cups,
and the paint color will give everything a warm glow:))

The Front of the Showroom in the daylight.

Notice the "girls" (a.k.a. our floral chintz teapots).
They found a place of prominence on the front window sill.

Cherished items are here...for now!

Did we mention that we rent these vintage tray tables?
We used them for our own Christmas Celebration.
They really came in handy, and got lots of compliments.
This is what we're calling the 'Reading Room'
it's where you'll be able to come to sit back, relax
and peruse some of our fun books on Afternoon Tea and etiquette.

Thanks for stopping by!
More photos soon.

If you want to be added to the list for the Grand Opening in the Spring 2010,
just let us know! We'll add you to the list and send you reminder as the date gets closer!

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