Monday, May 18, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newletter - The Dinner Party and Jam Servers

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This week, we are talking about the Dinner Party.

Taken from “Twentieth Century Etiquette – A Ready Manual for all Occasions” by Annie Randall White © 1900, page 178, “Were the dinner party abolished, how much would be lost to civilization! How many great plans have been discussed, how many friendships have been formed, and how many bright sayings and sparkling thoughts have had their birth in the fostering influence of the dinner table.

The great Talleyrand declared the dinner the best meal for transacting business. Campaigns have been mapped out, and alliances between nations cemented through these sociable gatherings of society.”

Right then! Let’s move on!

Table Talk
(Manners and TableTop Tips)

The fine dinner party has a jam or relish server. Did you know there is a jam/relish “fork”?

Jam/Relish ForkOur Piece Code: JAFS(5-6” in length)
Jam/relish forks, like the ice cream fork, the bowl of this piece is shaped like a teaspoon. The piece is used to serve jams or relishes that need to be drained.

So don’t forget to include the jam or relish “fork” when setting your table for the dinner party. After all, it is an important factor in civilization!

The Butler

(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
Taken from the same book, planning a dinner party is simple: “neatness and promptness.”

Ensure your guest list is planned, then the menu, then seating, then serving of the aperitifs and food, then dessert. After all, it is only about the ceremonious dinner.

If your invitees have not answered the invitation by accepting or declining (remember NEVER to put “Please RSVP” on your invitation since RSVP has the word “please” contained in it!), feel free to contact them before purchasing the amount of food necessary for the day.

Neatness, and promptness. And enjoy throwing your dinner party!

Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
After all, what is a wedding? I mean, of course, after the ceremony and planning? It is a dinner party! But not all weddings have to seat 200 at the table, although we would all like to attend such a wedding. Consider a wonderfully intimate dinner party to celebrate your wedding – a High Tea done in the afternoon with a harpist or four piece. It is all about NOT losing everything about civilization. If you absolutely MUST have an event with dancing and loud music, it is ok, but do that when you return from your Honeymoon and keep the intimate dinner party for the day-you-will-remember-the-rest-of-your-life!

The Flying Saucer
(What’s new at Fancy That!)

Back to the Relish Fork for a moment, we at Fancy That! have just started collecting vintage Relish and Jam servers. If you are interested in renting one (or several?!) of these wonderful additions to your table, call or email for our availability. Thanks for stopping by!

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