Monday, January 26, 2009

A Cup Of Glee - Weekly Newsletter - Gail Watson

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The Butler
(Host and Hostess tips and Helpful Hints for planning your event)
While planning a dinner party, I wanted to find the perfect way of providing some candy for guests (please see the older post on Candy Buffets!). Simply tying the candy with ribbon was dull. Using velum made the table look like a children’s party. Then, came the results of a Google Search: Gail Watson Sugar Boxes
Think outside the “sugar box” and use these sugar boxes any chance you can. They are not just for weddings anymore!
Wedding Bells
(Tips for planning your Wedding)
Wedding Favors anyone? After reading this, you simply will not allow any “plain” wedding favors at any of the events you help plan. Take a look at Gail Watson’s Site
for the beautiful favors that you can have.
Gail Watson is not just sugar boxes, and not just wedding cakes. Gail Watson is also wedding favors (and how could you say NO to those adorable marshmallows pictured below?)!!

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